Review: The Rasmus band's concert - MTL Arena (Russia, Samara) - For me it's the brightest event of the year!

Within the Dark Matters tour, the legendary Finnish band The Rasmus visited 22 cities (Russian and one Belarusian), including Samara. It all began with Minsk on March 1 and ended the other day, April 10 - in Kaliningrad.

Samara was 14th in the count of the city and this event was held on March 27. With the venue - MTL-Arena - I was already familiar with the event "Student of the Year 2010", which was held in November.

Tickets were bought for a month and a half, through the electronic cashier. The hall was divided into a dance floor, a podium and a balcony. With all my desire, with my growth on the dance floor, I have nothing to do, the tribune was unreasonably expensive, so the seats were taken on the balcony. According to previous experience of the visit, I knew that the review from the balcony is excellent, as it was once again convinced.

The opening act was made by Mauser. The guys are good, incendiary, but the spoiled Samara audience was not particularly easy to climb. I enjoyed the guitars, the live singing and the atmosphere with pleasure.

Well, Rasmus were above all praise! All expectations were justified a hundredfold. 19 songs with incredible dynamics. There were four songs from the new album (including "Paradise"), as well as the famous hits "In the Shadows", "No fear", "Living in the World without you" and, of course, "soup" in performance of Eero. This time he sang Trofim's song. For some reason, these moments are invariably touched by the audience and I was also delighted.

The prices for the concert of the foreign band were very modest - from 1000 to 3000r. (Considering that for some yesterday's Nobody and today's Nikak Buzov tickets 2000-5000r). The hall was sold out, many for this came from other cities - Penza, Ulyanovsk, Saratov.

It was very cool, at the highest level, and, of course, to see and hear your favorite band live - in itself happiness!


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